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November 12, 2007

Site Update

  • The Czech section was founded! It contains brief biography and few lyrics translations.
  • Lost Lyrics Section – Complete lyrics for song Aeon were added.
  • Fan's Art SectionFriend From Hell Lyrics by David Westfield were added.

November 7, 2007

Blog about Paul Raven
There's a blog on BlogSpot with lots of information about the sudden death of Paul Raven. Includes articles, family statements, link to the tribute site and funeral "report" by a fellow Gatherer.


October 21, 2007

RIP Paul Raven

October 21, 2007

Sad Announcement – RIP Paul Raven
From Reza's Blog [Sunday, October 21, 2007]:

"Today I found out that my good friend Paul Raven passed away early this morning.

Paul was a very amazing man, who I loved and trusted very much. He always had great ideas, ventures and always looked out for me, as if I were a little brother to him.

I was very fortunate to be in contact with him several times in his last week and I had great conversations with him, we laughed and joked, which was an integral part of his personality.

We had so much more to do, especially with his own personal project Mob Research, which I know he was extremely excited about.

I don't know what more to say, as this is such an unexpected happening for me, as we were only talking a short time ago.. I can't believe he is gone.

Paul will be greatly missed by music fans, friends and mostly his family; his bands will miss him terribly.. He was a great man and a unique bass player who has died at such a tragically early age.

Love to you brother.. I miss you.


From the Gathering:

"No, it true. Elana (Jester's wife) called us this afternoon, He had a heat attack and was with Ted Parsons in Paris he sat down and just keeled over. I am sorry for we are very upset. I can not write right now. Take care Gathers. I will write later."

by Lonely Boy

"yes. It is no joke. Me and Lonely Boy talked to Elana. We are at a loss of words, we are very much upset.

Take care you Gatherers."

by countessghoulita

We miss you, Paul Raven.

August 8, 2007

Site Update
Ooops! We weren't up for a while. Hoping to catch up on what has been missed in the past months. [As reliably as KJ were going to play on the Hungarian Sziget festival tonight : ) [They actually are not : (((]]
See you soon!

February 20, 2007

Site Update
I'm very sorry to announce that I've decided to remove the KJ book. The author didn't have a permission of the band to publish it. My sincere apology to everyone, including the band.

February 14, 2007

Site Update
Added Lost Lyrics and Fans Artwork section. Currently, you can find there Lyrics from the album Killing Joke 2003 and The Pandemonium book by Joel Gausten.