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September 20, 2008

Site Update: KJ Art
Just added the song by Mlada Fronta: To Jaz. Thanks, Rémy!

Videos From Gigs
Follow to YouTube:
Requiem (Madrid, Sep 16)

Bloodsport (Barcelona, Sep 18)
Love Like Blood (Barcelona, Sep 18)

Thanks, Spanish Gatherers!

August 30, 2008

Rare Song Lyrics Added
Four Stations of The Sun
Thanks NB!

Stay Well-Tuned
We are preparing an interesting song for you to listen.
It is titled "To Jaz" and was written and recorded by a French band "Mlada Fronta".
Thanks to Bo for the word and to Rémy of Mlada Fronta for approval and lyrics!
Coming soon...

May 25, 2008

Band added gigs on the tour!
See the official tour dates [Glasgow (UK) and Los Angeles (US)].

Site Updates
Artwork added:

Lyrics added:

March 19, 2008

Site Update – Forum is UP!
Wakey, wakey!
The forum is now set up and you may register.
The address is

March 1, 2008

Updates At Hand
We're moving the website to a paid hosting and founding a forum.
Stay tuned!

February 28, 2008

Killing Joke Re-Union!

[The original message can be found on the official MySpace blog.]

Original line-up of Killing Joke play 3 classic albums back to back on world tour and release new album.

Although the dates were confirmed in the official newsletter, changes are possible.
13 – (JP) Tokyo, Club Quattro
14 – (JP) Tokyo, Club Quattro
16 – (ES) Madrid, Heineken
17 – (ES) Barcelona, Apollo
19 – (IT) Milan, Rolling Stone
20 – (IT) Milan, Rolling Stone
22 – (CH) Geneva, TBC
24 – (DE) Berlin, Columbia Hall
25 – (DE) Berlin, Columbia Hall
26 – (FR) Paris, Trabendo
27 – (FR) Paris, Trabendo
29 – (BE) Brussels, AB Club
30 – (BE) Brussels, AB Club
02 – (UK) London, The Forum
03 – (UK) London, The Forum
09 – (US) Los Angeles, TBC
11 – (US) New York, TBC

"At last a ray of sunlight to illuminate these dark days. It is indeed my deepest pleasure to announce the dates of the 29th anniversary of the gathering. As usual we are never content sitting on the laurels of past Glories, a new Killing Joke recording is scheduled this summer!. Both Geordie and myself are thrilled as we hope you are with the line up, such anticipation comes as no surprise considering we have not played together since the Brighton Top Rank in 1982. We always knew this day would come after all it was inevitable. We hope all gatherers will join us in warmly welcoming back to active service our brothers Big Paul and Youth. The mysterious chemistry of the original line up is back, let there be gladness in your hearts." – Jaz

January 24, 2008

Site Update

  • Czech version improved, cz: nové překlady k písním Hosannas aj.
  • typographic manners of lyrics for KJ 2003 beautified
  • link to Cliff's House CHAT added – Let's all go to talk! : )
  • link to the New Pandemonium forum removed due to its break
    [however, the link is still to be found in the Links]

January 12, 2008

Site Update
KJ Art section was updated.
[We've added some pictures by Ralle and Aleph]

+ lyrics of Universe B and The Fanatic : ) Thanks!